I Offer a Variety of Services

to Meet Your Needs

Hula Hooping Instruction

  • I teach hula hoop classes for a variety of skill levels for groups or individuals
  • I can come to your next party of gathering of friends and provide hoops for fun and exercise
  • I make hula hoops which can be purchased after a class so you can continue moving your energy in the magic circle

Health/Nutrition Coaching

  • I can review your diet and help you find ways to eat more nutritious meals
  • I offer courses in Food Over Medicine, Women’s Health, and Weight loss
  • I can teach you how to fix easy and healthy meals


  • You can get a 30 min. or 60 min. session of Reiki Healing
  • I also offer Reiki attunements for groups of 2 or more

 Healthy Living Workshops

  • I have a variety of workshop I can present to a group of 10 or more on topics such as balancing your chakras, gratitude, mudras, and paying better attention to what you eat.

Coming Soon:  Exercise your Energy online classes